What are you passionate about?

What are you passionate about?


Your website is the main place you tell your story. We can help you construct a compelling narrative and move your visitors to click, sign up or buy.


Video is the backbone of the modern web. We’ll help you use broadcast-quality video to engage, inform and delight your audience. 50% of mobile traffic is video, you can learn more from our FREE Video Mini-Course “Everything You Need to Make Your First Video” .

Promotional videos for JJL & Co. and Monroe the play.


The value of a compelling photo cannot be overstated. Let us elevate your website or marketing materials with images that tell your story.


Print materials remain an important way to reach your audience. Let us craft a creative piece to help you start the conversation.

Case Studies

The Public House Theatre

The Public House Theatre is a sketch comedy theater in Chicago. 

WordPress website with e-commerce section, print show promotions, video promotions, photography for promotional material

Anees Upholstery

Anees Upholstery is a Chicago based furniture design and manufacturing company. 

Responsive WordPress designed website, print materials for promotional uses and production details

JJL & Co.

JJL & Co. is a media and production company in the Futures space.

Responsive WordPress designed website, video promotions, print promotions and pricing charts

About Us

Our passion is telling your story with you—not for you.

You’re our partner, not our client. Whether it’s web, video, photography or print—we’ll work closely with you to find and refine the narrative that connects with your audience. Users will attach themselves to your WHY much more than what you do or how you do it. Let us help you find the best path to explain your WHY.

So the big question is, what is your passion?

Patrick Lothian

Web Design, Videography, Photography, Print Design

Design Network

We always have the right person for your job.

Chad Pickett

Print Design, Logo Design, Lighting Design

Jeremy Kanne

Videography, Photography

Byron Hatfield

Content Writer, Director

How can we help you?

Free minicourse
Everything You Need to Make Your First Video

74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. We will show you the best way to optimize your online strategy through video.

Get our FREE "Everything You Need to Make Your First Video" Minicourse

Get our FREE "Everything You Need to Make Your First Video" Minicourse

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